Using QR codes in marketing

Here at the South by Southwest Interactive (http://sxsw conference, QR codes are everywhere. If you don’t know what they are, here’s the Wikipedia description (http://en NULL.wikipedia (In short, they are smartphone scannable codes that send users off to a website or mobile application. They often allow the originator to grab a potential new customer.)

Problem? Too many of these babies are all over the place here. It’s as if each company said, “We need to get something out there with a QR code on it – and it doesn’t matter what it says or links to. Just get it out now, now. We only have two weeks till the event kicks off!”


None of them (that I saw) thought of a hook to make themselves stand out among the sea of other QR codes. Moral of the story? Take a little longer to think through your marketing effort before you launch it.

Author: Paul

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