carving of Arapaho indian council meeting from the Fort Collins Museum of DiscoveryOne of the best forms of shar­ing I’ve seen hap­pens at a museum. This carv­ing is dis­played at the Fort Collins Museum of Dis­cov­ery (http://www NULL.fcmod* The Amer­i­can Indian group that owned this carv­ing from an old tree could have kept it for them­selves, locked away in a dark room. But they chose to give it to the museum so that peo­ple like you and I could enjoy see­ing the com­mem­o­ra­tion of a tribal coun­cil meet­ing many years ago.

My dad bought an old type­writer that he donated to the Smith­son­ian Museum. It’s one of those events that lives deep in my mem­ory. Sadly, he’s not alive to ask the details. Even though it would be fun to have that type­writer to dis­play on some sur­face in our home, I am glad he shared it with a larger group of people.

What can you share with oth­ers that is tucked away in your dark base­ment closet? It may not be museum-worthy, but some­one may enjoy it more than you do.

* That’s a really fine lit­tle museum. You should visit some­day, if you’re ever in their neighborhood.