My word for the new year

Relax. As the stresses of life pile on me, as the weeks accumulate, I want to remember our kitty, Floof. He knows when to relax (most of the time) and where (anywhere).

Bloom where you’re planted — or sleep where you find a bed

Our cat, Floof, sleeps whenever he feels tired, which is the vast majority of every day (and night). He doesn’t need a bed to enter kitty slumbers. In this case, a board game box was a great place to begin his nap. I find myself looking for the perfect bed before I begin my sleep. Or the perfect … 

He does not mind

We have the most amazing cat. He doesn’t mind if we do things like cover up his face (as long as he is asleep). He will lie asleep while we have all manner of fun with him. When he is awake? He’s wild. Floof’s the name, and entertaining us is his game.