Questionable lunchbox

lunchboxWhat kid in 1965 would be caught dead bringing this lunchbox to school? Maybe it was used by a pilot’s son who had no social awareness.

The wear and tear leads me to believe that whoever used it did so more than once. Maybe a pilot used it! But then, what pilot would be caught dead bringing a kids’ lunchbox to work in the morning?

Update: See the comments for some really valid points about this.

Again, from the Fort Wayne Air Museum.


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  1. I think my first grade lunchbox (1965-66) was Green Bay Packers, for some reason.

    Kids have a different sense of what’s cool. Pilots were held in high esteem (along with truck drivers) when I was little. We probably would have appreciated that lunch box.

  2. You both have a point – I remember Heather telling me about how she and her family would always dress up to fly, as it was such a special occasion.

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