Interesting Sites

Here are some sites I think you’ll enjoy.

First, the self-promotional stuff.

  • The blog of my former business, Greener Grass Media — Here are useful insights on promoting your business or organization. Though that business is in hibernation, I think you might find some interesting stuff there.
  • The International Toothpaste MuseumI collect and share with you interesting toothpastes from around the world.
  • My Tumblr blogThis is my cutting floor, where I put stuff that won’t make it to this blog.
  • My previous blogIf you love my shiny bits, you’ll find more here.
  • My life in Nairobi, Kenya, AfricaThe adventures of my family and me from 2005-2007, in another part of the world.

Second, real humans who blog. I like each of these blogs for different reasons. You’ll have to explore to find out why. They are in no particular order.

  • Blip of CheerJohanna writes about childhood experiences, her children, and more.
  • Light GreenChris loves Keith Richards.
  • 300 Words a DayJon writes about following Jesus.
  • Letters from a Small StateElizabeth shares some ways of thinking with me. And I am stretched even when we don’t agree.
  • Tano TafadhaliJenny lives in Tanzania but is Australian.
  • Telling SecretsI’ve known Marti since 1998. She recently started a new life in Oregon.
  • Tom is a photographer, a network systems engineer – and a really nice guy.

Third, reviews: I love pens. I reviewed the Schneider Slider XB and the PaperMate InkJoy.

And here are links to some old reviews.