Pen Review: Schneider Slider XB

Schneider Slider PenThe Schneider Slider XB is simply the best ballpoint pen I have used, ever.

Office Depot had them on sale, so I picked up a few of the the Slider Basic XB – black, blue, and green inks. The Basic is the cheapest model they had in stock. Just like Taco Bell, the most expensive thing on the menu has the same basic ingredients as the cheapest. The ballpoint tip and ink are the same across the range. I later bought a more expensive model, only because the straight stick style is less comfortable to hold than one of the sculpted shaft retractable models.

This pen is fantastic, because it combines smoothness with non-smear, non-blobby writing. A left-handed friend tried it and was very happy about the lack of smearing, due to the very quick-drying ink. Schneider claims that it’s “smoother than gel!” It’s true, as the lubricating quality of their ink makes the point glide across the paper. (Gel pen ink absorbs into the paper, which slows down your writing, ever so slightly.) I normally avoid gel pens because they seem to wear out and start skipping long before the ink is finished. I never have that problem with ballpoints.

Here’s the Schneider pen website. Explore.

I’d recommend that you buy them from, a company run by a human and not a giant corporation – and their prices are very similar to the Giant Company, even when you factor in postage.

Stride, the company that distributes their pens in the USA, is awesome.

I still like InkJoy pens, but their blobbiness makes Schneider Sliders the clear winner.

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  1. Happened across your review today – thank you from Stride! We are the exclusive distributor of Schneider in the US and would like to reach out to you and let you know how much we appreciate the positive review.

    1. I was looking for great reviews to back mine up on Facebook and found this link too. I agree 100% with this review. I’m a mature student who could not find a decent pen to take notes with. It drove me batty for months! I found this at my college’s bookstore and bought a black and a blue one. I AM DELIGHTED with them! Fantastic pen!

      1. Hello Karen. Glad you found my site! And I’m also glad you found the joy of Schneider pens. They’re unbeatable.

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