Time is precious, part two

Advertising is part of life in this world (unless you live really off the beaten path — and if you’re reading this, you most likely aren’t).

We get a packet of junk mail every Wednesday. Without fail, I spend about three minutes sorting through the pile. Some weeks, I think I should just toss it all in the recycle bin before even looking at it. But I go through it anyway, to set out the supermarket flyers for Heather and to see if there are any other treasure awaiting. Most of the time there aren’t.

Takeaway: What things can you cut out of your routines to save time? And to save mental energy, be it however small an amount?

And by the way, happy new year!!


Time is precious, part one

On Christmas eve, the family and I went to a nice service at our church. Toward the end, we did a candle-lighting thing, where everyone lit the candle of the person next to them. The ceremony itself had little meaning for me. But my reflections during the ceremony were deep. And sad.

I looked around at the families whose kids were small enough that they were given glow sticks to hold rather than a live flame. I realized the time between when my kids were that age — and now — seemed like just a few years. But it has been more than a few years.

So as you start your new year, seize the day. Enjoy those moments with your little ones, even though it’s a pain to chase them as they run across the room. Soon they’ll be running across the country.