Not bad to dream

As 2010 winds down, I wanted to remind you – and me – that it’s not a bad thing to have dreams.

Of course the next step is – what are you doing about those dreams?

(I was amused that the owner of this small economy car in Malaysia, had on his dashboard – four Ferraris, three BMWs and one Porsche.)


Cool baby shoes

I saw these and had to take a photo to share with you.

I love them. Almost makes me wanna have a baby again just so he or she could have a pair. (Don’t worry – that’s not gonna happen.)


Look carefully before you sign on the dotted line

In Sunday’s Denver paper, there was an interesting article about Christian Kirschner. He did a time-share-like scheme for wealthy clientele. He ended up getting over his head and then branched into fraud, to keep things going.

Today? After swindling his clients out of more than $7 million, he is running a new venture: Executive Triathalon Coaching.

Tip: be careful. Sub-point: it’s strange that someone like that can stay in business and not be in prison. I was astonished at how quickly after his timeshare biz went under that he opened his new biz.


Graffiti is universal

I love graffiti.

The spontaneity and daring that goes into this artform always fascinates me. I found this mural on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The artist even has his own website. And the video is worth checking out. Apparently he has traveled all over the world doing his art.

It’s interesting to me that the basic style of graffiti is quite similar all over the world.


Get help when you need it

I bought this soap by myself. Normally that would not be a problem. However, in this case, it was. You see, I pretty much can’t smell. And it turned out that the soap smells like something that would normally be flushed.

In my attempts to get a soap that wouldn’t dry out my skin, I wasted money. If Heather had been along, I would not have made that mistake.

Takeaway: Don’t try to do it all yourself.

Footnote: Sadly, I threw away the label, so I am not able to warn you away from that brand.


Obsidious scatter

I’m thankful for this guest post by Johanna Fenton.

“Few things make you feel as helpless as trying to find your glasses, because the very thing you need is the thing you seek.” -James Lileks

I’m a sucker for deep, philosophical statements packaged in the ordinary. And this one helps me dive into a memory that presented itself to me this evening, out of the blue. As I was brushing my teeth, I was remembering the time I slept inside a sleeping bag near the base of a mountain in Oregon. (Sort of out of the blue, yet now I remember my sister wondered aloud the other day what it would be like to see a mountain. There are few–oops, none–in Minnesota.)

It was the first time I had ever woken to view a mountain before me in the bright light of morning. When I opened my eyes and turned my head, it was … glorious and majestic … no, fuzzy.

Imagine if you will: every morning you wake, you fumble for your glasses, and in the mere seconds before you put them on–or contacts in your case – you’re only really looking maybe 10 feet tops in the farthest direction. But a mountain, I mean, come on! There are miles involved! Plus the glare of the morning sun hit every obsidious boulder (made that word up), producing more brain scatter.

Anyway. It’s just a strange experience to recount. On second thought, maybe I didn’t make the word up:

Obsidious, it turns out, isn’t in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched.

However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now.

Would anyone like to look for me? (Thanks.)