Michael Jackson memories

m-jackson-85In 1985, I was in California for a training program. Some friends and I went to Hollywood one night.

I will never forget stopping at a convenience store around midnight – and seeing three people dressed as Michael Jackson waiting in line with me.

Photo courtesy of BBC.


The old way

scissors-sharp…is sometimes better.

My local Ace Hardware store is great. It’s a 5-minute walk from our house, so I love zipping over there to grab the next washer I need to finish that home repair project.

They sharpen scissors! (Actually, they send them out somewhere to get the deed done.) Try getting that done at your big box DIY store.

I was amused that two hand-filled-in tags were attached to my scissors when I picked them up. Maybe not the paragon of efficiency – but they got the job done.


Fun for you

I normally don’t like to embed video in my website (in respect of my few readers who are in low-bandwidth-land), but this was too fun to not share:


Could be better

evil-and-badThe Chinet Corporation came out with a product that should never have been released to their adoring public – takeaway cups to use in the comfort of your own kitchen. The idea is, you brew your own coffee, mix it with your favorite milk and sugar substitutes – and then put it in this disposable cup with a lid. That way you don’t have to wash a cup. You can just throw it away when you get to your office!

I might suggest – buy an insulated mug with a handle – and wash it. Landfill contribution? Zero. Wallet depreciation? Zero.

And on their home page, they have the boldness to say, “Help Preserve Nature, Learn More”. Admittedly they try to be environmentally aware in some of what they do – but selling such a completely unneeded product is not responsible. Shameful, even.

Apologies to those of you who wanted a light and fluffy post for your Friday.

Update: See the comments. I changed the title in Shane’s honor. He has a good point. (I had titled this post, “Evil and bad” – a bit excessive.)


It would be a stretch

10-billionApple sends me emails. I’m happy about that.

The most recent had a little feature on the coming sale of their ten billionth download. That in itself is amazing. And I could preach about how the artists would be so much better off if Apple would give them just one cent more for each song they provide! (But I won’t.)

My single comment is… if I won a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, I wouldn’t know what to do with it! In my wildest dreams, I might be able to burn through about $2,000 of iTunes songs and movies – but it would take me many hours to spend it! I could not afford the time it would take to do such a prize justice.


Annoying Facebook feature

FB-probSo, I always hit “Most Recent” whenever I go to Facebook. The other option (unfortunately the default) seems to let Facebook pick what it thinks is most important for me to see. I’d rather see what was posted most recently.

Anyone out there prefer the “View News Feed” setting? Why?


Whatever happened to prunes?

dried-plumsAh, marketers, you gotta love em.

I got a good laugh when I saw this ad. When I was a kid, these things were called “prunes”. Now they are “dried plums”. Same thing – but “prunes” has too many negative connotations.

Love it!

What product or thing would you rename? (And please, no one say “iPad”.)