Wrapper beauty


My sister in Belgium sent me this peach wrapper. The peach came from Italy, and the woman on the wrapper may have also. In any case, I think it’s an appealing wrapper. I had to share it with you!


The Noticer: Book Review


The Noticer is unique: a self-help book under cover as fiction.

The story: Jones is an old man who gives advice to people. Amazingly, everyone is very open to his advice. (One or two may have balked at first.) All his advice works.

Therein we have the “suspension of disbelief” problem. I don’t balk that his advice is good, but I balk at how easily everyone accepted it. I also had a problem with how every struggle that the characters faced was wrapped up so neatly. It’s a stretch in some books to see one difficult struggle neatly solved, but thirty or fourty?

And there is a lot of advice packed into just 156 pages. Maybe that’s a good thing. I get really tired of long explanations for what should be a simple concept.

So, there is my negative reactions.

Positive? It was a very quick read. Jones had a lot of good advice. (One that was new to me that I’ll pull out at some point is for couples dating seriously – Ask your friends if they like your partner! They know you better than she or he does. And they probably aren’t infatuated with your partner like you are. That could prevent a lot of problems down the road.)

Should you buy and read the book? I dunno. Hopefully I have given you enough advice for you to make a decision.


Back on Alltop


Dunno if you’ve checked out Alltop. (You have to go to the very bottom to see me.) It’s a great portal that Guy Kawasaki started.

Well, I just found out yesterday that I’m back in their “Life” section. Surf around and find lots of interesting stuff! (There’s more than just life.)


National Geographic and Value


Many people save their National Geographic magazines. They used to be that the only magazines you’d see at Goodwill stores. What made them have such a place of honor? (I say that tongue-in-cheek, but it is an indication of their value.)

The photos have always been excellent. The writing is educational and yet interesting. The articles open the world to those who can’t travel to far-flung places. The advertising is minimal and done with taste.

Takeaway: Are there any ways you can make your creations something people will want to keep?


Earth Day is today


What can you do for Earth Day?

  1. Walk somewhere instead of driving.
  2. Pick up something along your walking path and recycle it.
  3. Rinse, repeat. (In other words, do this on days other than just Earth Day.)

You might be surprised what your local recycler will accept today. These days, we have more in our recycing bins at the end of the week than in our trash bins, almost.

Besides saving energy through recycling, you will be increasing the enjoyment of those who walk on the path after you.


What is it?


The first person to identify this object will gets a prize! (Use the comments section.)

Update: Courtney is the winner!!

Yes, it’s a portable vacuum desktop cleaner. It doesn’t work very well, since it runs on AA batteries. There’s just not enough power to suck up anything! (Don’t worry – Courtney, the vacuum is not your prize. A Starbucks card is winging its way to you.)


It may last

wood graffiti

Think before you do it.

I passed by this graffiti on a fence. The artist hadn’t thought that his work would last longer than the paint – you see, the sun and rain affected the wood differently where paint was, compared to where the wood was bare.

Takeaway: how will your actions last beyond what you are thinking now? Maybe stop to think how that action may last longer than what you originally thought.