Bumble and bumble.


So what is “Bumble and bumble”? It’s a hair salon in Boulder, Colorado. (Boulder is a very cool town, if you have never been there. Or even if you have.)

I didn’t go inside the shop – but I did enjoy their sign. Their designer had fun with the “Bb.”

If I were the sort to frequent hair salons, I might not want a bumbler to do my hair – but the shop is up-scale enough that they must do a good job. A classic example of form winning over substance.


2 Replies to “Bumble and bumble.”

  1. yes bumble and bumble is all the rage.. but their products are insanely priced… at least for the stage of life I am in.. I used to buy insanely priced things long ago.

  2. Hi Courtney.

    We all dream of how nice it would be to just buy those insanely priced things every once in a while.

    Oh well.

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