Fantasy engineering

weeds in sidewalk cracksWeeds growing in sidewalk cracks – a very common sight. Think of how much money and time would be saved if one engineer would invent some kind of flexible, strong and long-lasting caulk that could go in the cracks…

– Time spent replacing broken and eroded concrete would be lessened.

– Time spent removing the weeds would be prevented.

– Money spent funding workers to do both would be saved.

So come on, engineers, find an investor and go for it!


Up close

Soda can close-upSometimes it’s worth looking closer. I love detail. This photo is a close-up from a soda can that had been run over a thousand times. Though this can had been destroyed, I kind of see it as a work of art. The pressure this can endured resulted in an almost paper-thin bit of aluminum. Drivers had no idea they would bring me pleasure just by driving to work. Even the person who threw it out their window ended up bringing me a small bit of joy.

I hope that today brings you joy through what may have been destroyed. There’s an upside to almost everything.


How to kill feedback

how to kill feedbackWhenever I comment on a blog and see this message, I am probably not going to comment again.

I understand the need to filter out spam, but there are better ways to do that. If an editor has to approve every comment, they are afraid of negative feedback, which is not a good fear to keep. Negative feedback is a good thing! When we are criticized, we can make positive course corrections. We just need to receive comments with an open mind.

Editor approval for every comment also makes a lot of work for the editor(s).

There are, of course, some reasonable exceptions to this.


Travel to get perspective

London in the summer of 2011It has been a while since we left the state. We need to get away. It’s so important to remove ourselves from our normal lives to regain perspective. If we’re always down in the tunnel of work and daily routines, we forget what is really important.

If you can’t afford to travel away, just go to your next town. Take a day off and hang out at a restaurant or coffee shop you’ve never been to before. Try a new type of food. Visit a different aisle in the supermarket. Leave your computer at home. Don’t take your work with you. Turn off your mobile phone.


(The photo is courtesy of my daughter Rachel.)