Fantasy engineering

weeds in sidewalk cracksWeeds growing in sidewalk cracks – a very common sight. Think of how much money and time would be saved if one engineer would invent some kind of flexible, strong and long-lasting caulk that could go in the cracks…

– Time spent replacing broken and eroded concrete would be lessened.

– Time spent removing the weeds would be prevented.

– Money spent funding workers to do both would be saved.

So come on, engineers, find an investor and go for it!


2 Replies to “Fantasy engineering”

  1. Not that I enjoy weedy sidewalks, but when you see something like this, doesn’t it give you a sort of amazement at the power of nature? Yes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like show how powerful the earth is. But even in slow, subtle ways, nature is constantly reclaiming her space on the planet. It doesn’t take long for a neglected sidewalk, parking lot, even building, to be taken over by flora and fauna, sort of thumbing their noses at how much control we think we have!

    1. GREAT observations, Deb. Nature (and God) are much more powerful than the little things we throw at them. The storm that recently hit NY/NJ is just another illustration of that.

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