I Love Whole Foods

Forager ProjectWhere else can I go to spend $6.99 on 16 ounces of juice?

I didn’t buy any Forager Project juices, but the very fact that they are available at Whole Foods makes me happy. I’m sure there are some amazing health benefits, but I am not willing to spend that amount to discover them.

If you are willing to offer something that no one will buy, it could benefit you – if only to show your customers that you think outside of the box. So go to Whole Foods today to discover a new amazing product that you won’t buy. Chances are, you will buy something else. I did.


Back in time

old drawing in a textbookFifty years ago, a college student was bored while reading advertising principles. Little did he know that fifty years later, another person would be entertained by his sketches. And there is no way he would have known his sketches would be seen by people all over the world.

As I was doing research at the University of Denver library, I stumbled on these sketches. The book holding the sketches was published in 1923. The sketches were done around 1962, judging by the car.

Fifty years from now, it will probably be easier for people to see what we were doing today than it is for us to get snapshots of life going the other direction. It’s fun to get little glimpses into the past!


Why would they buy it?

Automobile magazine article on the sale of a $8 million FerrariThis Ferrari sold for more than $8 million. Yes, million. And it’s probably older than you are.

I tried to think through what would motivate someone to spend that much money on such an old car.

1. It’s art. Yes, it is a beautiful car. And it’s almost as rare as a Picasso painting.

2. The collector is hoping the value will increase. That is a bet; markets could crash and what a singer named Larry Norman sang a long time ago, “A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,” might come true.

3. The collector has enough money that they are not worried about what brand of laundry detergent to buy.

4. The collector has never been to a slum in Africa or Asia.

5. The collector has enough money to pay insurance for his or her occasional drives. (One year’s insurance must be more than the cost of my house.)

Do you have any ideas on what they were thinking?

Special thanks to Automobile Magazine, where this was featured.