For Mac users only

Apple Time Machine backup progress bar

If you use a Mac, you need to get an external hard drive and make it into a Time Machine.

The Time Machine system is a great way to back up your computer without needing the cloud. And you won’t have to pay Apple for iCloud+.

This is great insurance if your Mac dies or gets stolen. If you’ve ever had a computer die without a backup, you know that is not an experience you want to repeat. With a recent Time Machine backup, you can buy another Mac and recreate the experience of your old Mac fairly easily.

I don’t use my Mac that much, since my work computer is a Windows machine. But I still backup my Mac every few weeks. And as you can see from the photo above, there are a lot of changes the Time Machine system picks up that I don’t even know about.

As of this writing, you can pick up a decent external hard drive for about $60. Time Machine is free and built into the Mac operating system. In 20 months, your drive is paid for, if you compare that expense to the iCloud plan that is large enough for most computers.


Shameful package design

two pill bottles - one empty and one full

Glucosamine is a health supplement that supposedly helps with range of motion and joint pain. So I’ve used it for years.

The problem is that it’s expensive. So I usually wait for BOGO deals (buy one, get one free).

I recently got that deal with two bottles of Osteo Bi-Flex.

After I got home, I discovered that both bottles were less than half full! So I combined them and still had room left in the bottle.


  1. The consumer thinks they’re getting more than they actually are.
  2. The product takes twice as much shelf space.
  3. The product takes twice as much space in a truck on its way to the store.
  4. The consumer pays for twice as much packaging.
  5. Twice as much plastic is being manufactured from crude oil.
  6. Twice as many bottles are likely thrown away or possibly recycled – and trucked to the dump or recycling center.

Come on, companies – wake up and stop wasting our resources!