Danish beauty

danish-beauty(My daughter is a beauty – but she is not Danish.)

I’m referring to the Bang & Olufsen speaker in the photo (the large speaker in front of Rachel). The local Goodwill had a pair for about $45. Currently, the cheapest pair of their speakers goes for about $700.

I nipped them up. Brought them home. Heather freaked out. “They are too big!”

I took them back.

Oh well, all dreams can’t come true. Their size would have overwhelmed my office. (One of my current, and reigning, speakers is shown for scale, next to the B & O speaker and Rachel.) And they would have required some special connectors to work with my computer’s stereo – at the tune of an additional $32.



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    1. Alas, I went the expedient route and took it straight back to the Goodwill. Craigslist might have meant a bit of profit – but it would have undoubtedly meant having the giant speakers somewhere in our house for maybe months.

  1. When Harvey and I first got married, I was shocked to find that he had 2 of the hugest speakers I had ever seen (they are 4 feet tall and very expensive I think). My mom was really shocked by them too and she figured I would eventually convince Harvey to get rid of them. But – I don’t even see tham now. However, a couple of years ago I finally got sick of hearing Harvey pining away for a “big TV” and told him to go get one. He came back from the store with a TV that was slightly bigger than the one we had and told me that he had originally bought a larger TV than that, but when they put it in the car it looked so huge that he knew I would hate it and took it back and exchanged it. Go figure.

    1. That’s a great story of how love covers over faults – and how we make adjustments for each other. (And how both are sometimes happier for it in the end!)

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