republican-fearFirst, my full disclosure: I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I feel like both parties have some things right and some things wrong.

However, one thing I do not like is how the Republicans seem to be motivating their party members these days… fear. It’s just wrong. Admittedly, the Democrats have gone to the other extreme – blindly singing while Rome burns. But there has got to be a happy middle.

Also, the Republican tendency to make Obama the devil himself is also wrong. Yes, he has made some bad choices. But please don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. (Sorry for using too many metaphors today.)


2 Replies to “Fear”

  1. You’re right Paul – the climate is toxic. Obama himself has made the point that because each side has so much invested in demonizing the other, compromise becomes difficult, if not impossible. How would a politician explain to his constituents why he voted with the other side when all he ever says about them is that they are evil?

    1. Yes, Tim, it’s crazy these days.

      Many politicians do not get the basic concept that if they work together they might get more done.

      And we learned that in kindergarten. We keep forgetting those lessons. (A book was written with that concept, I think.)

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