Travel to get perspective

London in the summer of 2011It has been a while since we left the state. We need to get away. It’s so important to remove ourselves from our normal lives to regain perspective. If we’re always down in the tunnel of work and daily routines, we forget what is really important.

If you can’t afford to travel away, just go to your next town. Take a day off and hang out at a restaurant or coffee shop you’ve never been to before. Try a new type of food. Visit a different aisle in the supermarket. Leave your computer at home. Don’t take your work with you. Turn off your mobile phone.


(The photo is courtesy of my daughter Rachel.)


3 Replies to “Travel to get perspective”

  1. Yup, even the smallest departure from the routine can make a big difference. Yesterday I spent the day with about 18 others who like to sew. We made brightly-colored pillowcases that are to be donated to children undergoing cancer treatment in local hospitals. One hospital alone (City of Hope) has requested 300 Christmas pillowcases for their holiday pajama party for the kids in their care. We managed to complete 270 cases yesterday, with quite a few more in progress.

    I went home feeling like a new person, and that feeling has carried over to today. Not just the fact that we were doing something special for someone else, but also being away from home, meeting new people, hearing new stories – makes a big difference!

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