Daily extravagance

neem-soap$5 for a bar of soap?

Well, you see, it started with a free sample. The CEO of Organix-South sent me a sample of their lovely Neem toothpaste for an International Toothpaste Museum review. Besides the toothpaste, she sent me several hotel-bar-sized samples of their soap. I got hooked.

When the samples finally got spent, I was desperate for some more. So when a few extra dollars were given to yours truly for Christmas, what did I go out and spend the money on? A bar of soap!

How could I justify spending so much for a bar of soap?

1) The smell is amazing. My shower each morning is now something I look forward to – just because of that smell! (I must disclose that Heather doesn’t like the smell. But it doesn’t wear off on the user – so she is still happy to hang around me!) I have a very weak sense of smell, and this soap has the ability to awaken my nasal powers unlike anything else – if only for a brief second.

2) I have really dry skin. During winter in dry Colorado, some days find me wanting to soak in a bathtub full of lotion. (Never done it – but I’ve thought about trying!) This soap seems to make a huge difference for me.

I’m not advocating your buying this soap. But I thought you’d like to know why I bought that bar over Christmas break.


5 Replies to “Daily extravagance”

  1. Very cool blog, Paul. One of the internet’s best-kept secrets. I know you mentioned it in a newsletter at some point, but I was too lazy to check it out at the time and then forgot. I’ll bookmark it.

  2. I’m always on the look-out for a sensitive-skin friendly soap. Folks who don’t have dry skin have no idea how bothersome it can be! (ahem, dave!) I’m trying castille soaps now – Dr. Bronners Lavender. It has an amazing scent also – very true lavender.

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