Save your skin this winter

SoapI used to have dry skin all winter long. It’s dry in Colorado and combined with the cold, my skin becomes really dry.

Soap makes a huge difference. As soon as the temperature dips down to freezing outside, I switch to fancy soap.

This is not a commercial. I won’t tell you what kind of soap to use (like I did before), because several kinds will work fine. Just experiment. Spend a lot more than you do on your current standard soap.

Your skin will say thank you!

Sadly, my hands still get dry. Lotion fixes this, but then it takes several minutes for the greasiness to die down.


2 Replies to “Save your skin this winter”

  1. According to Dr. Oz, you should only use soap on certain intimate parts of your body, and just rinse the rest. And shower in lukewarm water, not hot.

    My own little tip for hands: doing the dishes! Generously apply lotion to your hands, then put on rubber gloves. Now do a sinkful of dishes in hot water. You create a little moisturizing spa for your hands inside the gloves!

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