Christmas wonder, Japanese style

IsetanI thought this campaign was funny. Tokyobling highlighted it recently. Isetan’s Christmas site is interesting – a lot of Flash programming went into their creation.

Isetan is a Japanese department store. And their marketing department doesn’t speak English very well.

I was also struck by the fact that no American department store would feature the word “Christmas” in the title of any marketing campaign – too narrow and inclusive. Can you say “Holiday”?


2 Replies to “Christmas wonder, Japanese style”

  1. How about a sign I saw in Manila that said, “We make antiques”?! Or a billboard in Mindanao (also in the Philippines)for a tire company that said, “We wear out so long”? hmmm. Or this store name, that came before political correctness: “Fat and Thin Bakery”? All bases covered. And all donuts, too. 🙂

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