Christmas Lights and Museum

englew-xm-3englew-xm-2englew-xm-1A home in nearly Englewood, Colorado boasts an amazing Christmas display. Many homes do the lights thing. This family has taken it to a new level. They have converted their front yard into a museum.

Elvis is part of some Americans’ Christmases. (I admit to owning some Elvis Presley music – the only album of his in my CD collection is his Christmas compilation.) The dolls? I was not sure what part they played… maybe they were given to the lady of the house when she was a child. I don’t think they had gotten rid of anything they were ever given or bought.

I have not shown their amazing train set. It included a cable car that started on their roof!

A few collection boxes were placed along the pedestrian path. I dutifully inserted a dollar or two. (I am sure the electricity costs must be enormous.)

I am glad that family shared their lives with us in that way.