It may look easy


My wife loves to garden. It’s a wonderful break from the grind of using her brain to wrap around the problems of website useability or being a mom. (Or being married to me, for that matter.)

So we went away to celebrate our anniversary and came across this beautiful garden. Running through the middle was a small stream. Incredibly picturesque.

Then Heather informed me that many of the flowers were annuals (you know – the kind that die at the end of the season and have to be planted from scratch the following spring). That’s expensive. And then there is the water (in this case, free) and all the time (or money) spent weeding.

Takeaway: Remember that good things are both expensive (not necessarily in terms of money) and take commitment. Stick with it! I say this to remind myself too – I often forget this concept and expect instant good results with little effort.

(By the way, special thanks to Robert Hruzek for suggesting this post!)


4 Replies to “It may look easy”

  1. I can’t imagine how anyone has the patience to plane new flowers every year — but then again, I don’t like gardening and that’s probably why. People who do this probably enjoy changing things up every year.

    I just want a flower bed that can live without me 😉

  2. beautiful flowers and a beautiful wife. I love to garden too… heat sometimes keeps me from going out though.

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