Boots for a spear


So you see, the first time we lived in Kenya (’91-’94), we made friends with some Maasai. They have these really cool spears that look like they’re from Roman times. If you’ve seen how the traditional men dress, you’ll also be reminded of the Roman era. Their shukas look like togas.

We had to get a spear for ourselves. Then Heather’s parents came over, and her dad wanted a spear. We bought another from Dickson, our Maasai buddy. (He got the one Dickson used to kill a cape buffalo!)

So then I got to talking with my buddy Alan. He was working for Nike at the time. We came up with a deal where I’d get a spear for him if he’d get me a new pair of Nikes.

Well, I still have those Nikes. They’re the same pair I wore up the mountain a few weeks ago. (Thanks, Alan – and Dickson!)


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