Small change


Here’s a way you can help the environment in a small way… say no to a cup insulator sleeve the next time you get coffee-to-go.

You will:
— save that much addition to the landfill
— save the coffee shop the cost of the insulator
— save the transport costs for that insulator sleeve to the shop and to the landfill
— prevent trees from having to be chopped down

You say, “I don’t want to burn my hands!” Well, take a moment at the shop to let the coffee cool. You can’t drink it that hot, anyhow! Use the extra time to pray, to enjoy looking at the people in the line or to read the newspaper.

If everyone would do this, thing of the cumulative difference it would make!

Ironically, this sleeve says, “Do as little as possible.” I would add, “…to the environment.”


Now 13


Yes, 13 is a big deal too.

Today Ben, our English child (born in Oxford), turned the big 1–3. So we have two teenagers.

Happy birthday, Ben!!


Great transport idea


Sometimes you just have to get there in a car. But buying a car is hugely expensive. Even if you get an ancient beast, the repair costs can break your bank.

There’s a way around this. It’s the Occasional Car Club. You pay an hourly rate and 24c a mile, which includes gas and insurance. It’s a great thing if you just need a car for a few hours and aren’t going far. This spreads car ownership across more people than just you. If this caught on, fewer cars would have to be made.

This concept is already working in Europe. My buddy Rob, who lives in Stuttgart, Germany, is part of such a plan.

It’s not for everybody (and obviously you have to live where something like this is offered) — but it would be a great thing for some people!

By the way, the cool car shown in the above pic — and on their website — is not available for rental.


Social media doing what it’s supposed to


You can follow them here.

I also contacted them via their website and got this reply: “We appreciate your interest in the iQ and apologize this vehicle is not available in the U.S. Your comments and interest in this vehicle have been documented at our National Headquarters, where they remain available for review from the appropriate departments.” Sounds kind of form-letter-ish, but if it’s at all possible that some Toyota bureaucrat will actually read my message, I’m encouraged.

My message: “You should: a) Bring the iQ to the USA; b) Do a Fiestamovement thing; and c) Let me be a test driver. Thanks.”


Now 8


Our daughter Rachel turned 8 years old today. Somehow 8 seems so much older than 7.

She’s our youngest, so the passing of time in her case seems even more moving than with our other two.

Our friends in southeast Asia have a daughter named Hannah. Her birthday is also April 2nd. (Great day!) They also have a daughter named Rachel. We just got a letter from them showing her in second grade. She is going off to college in the fall.

Time is precious, friends! Your time with your child or friend may not last forever… make the most of that time today.


The mutant mint


We went out to eat the other week and I grabbed a mint on the way out the door. Indeed, it was a mint-and-a-half.

That reminded me of my dad’s coin collection. He used to love collecting mutant coins that were mis-stamped in production. Sadly, in a sibling’s divorce, that collection was lost to the errant spouse.

Takeaway: what does this mean to us? Well, a few things:

1. How can we accept the “mutant” people around us?

2. How can we not just accept them — but appreciate the ways they approach life differently than we do?

3. This brings me to why I hate the word “tolerance”. That implies just putting up with someone. Isn’t it much better to love that someone? Even if it’s really hard to love them, the rewards can outweigh the pain.


Great short films


Deidox is a new film production company. Do yourself a favor and check out the three films they have. All are about 5 minutes long and show individuals making a difference in their communities.

Deon is their latest film, just released yesterday.

Simply inspiring.