It would be a stretch

10-billionApple sends me emails. I’m happy about that.

The most recent had a little feature on the coming sale of their ten billionth download. That in itself is amazing. And I could preach about how the artists would be so much better off if Apple would give them just one cent more for each song they provide! (But I won’t.)

My single comment is… if I won a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, I wouldn’t know what to do with it! In my wildest dreams, I might be able to burn through about $2,000 of iTunes songs and movies – but it would take me many hours to spend it! I could not afford the time it would take to do such a prize justice.


5 Replies to “It would be a stretch”

  1. Honestly, I’d be quite happy to help you out with that.

    The biggest loss to downloading music has to be the record cover, but maybe the creativity really disappeared when CDs came on the scene.

  2. My only specific Christmas gift request was a $25 gift card to iTunes. I had it fixated in my mind for weeks, anticipating its arrival. Yet I’ve only used about 4 dollars–err, 3.96. It’s really hard to use it, maybe because 99 cents means so much more to me in this economy! I mean, a song has to be really good for me to download it. I don’t want anything spoiling my beautiful iTunes library. (Rewind 10 years and that wouldn’t have been the case. Call it “growing up.” I dunno!)

  3. Good point about the album covers. You need a microscope to look at the art. I guess the video took its place? And I don’t watch music videos.

  4. Phil & Tim: Some albums have PDF booklets that come with the download. Poor substitute for the days of LPs – but at least it’s something.

    Johanna: It *IS* good to choose carefully! And it’s a great thing to be able to preview songs before buying.

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