Annoying Facebook feature

FB-probSo, I always hit “Most Recent” whenever I go to Facebook. The other option (unfortunately the default) seems to let Facebook pick what it thinks is most important for me to see. I’d rather see what was posted most recently.

Anyone out there prefer the “View News Feed” setting? Why?


7 Replies to “Annoying Facebook feature”

  1. I am a disgruntled customer of FB. I do not like it much any longer, for the reason you state, and because I edited my privacy settings a month or so ago, and checked back just recently and saw all my settings were back to the default of pretty much letting everyone in the world see everything.

    I am a much bigger fan of Twitter now.

  2. Was going to say, you’d be hard pushed to think a video of me talking about the state of African roads counts as ‘Top News’!

  3. For a while FB would let you change your feed to Most Recent, but last time I got on, they had changed things yet again. I don’t get on very often; have to go to the library to do it.

  4. I mean, you could reset your default. And they had headlines about people in your Friends on the right. Now there’s nothing there that I want to see.

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