Last mention

Greener Grass Media BlogHey friends.

Today, I’m writing over at the blog on my business site, Greener Grass Media. I post something there once or twice a week. I’d love for you to visit. Even if you’re not a business person, I think you’ll find some useful ideas.

This may be the last time I’ll mention that here, as I understand it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Annoying Facebook feature

FB-probSo, I always hit “Most Recent” whenever I go to Facebook. The other option (unfortunately the default) seems to let Facebook pick what it thinks is most important for me to see. I’d rather see what was posted most recently.

Anyone out there prefer the “View News Feed” setting? Why?


How Chris changed my life

brogan-n-paulChris Brogan and I first met when I was in Africa. We “met” through the wonderful world of blogging. I was working as a manager at a non-profit organization whose Africa headquarters were in Nairobi, Kenya. I found Chris’s blog through another long-forgotten social media authority. Chris’s blog quickly made it to the top of my daily must-read list. His easy-going manner, wide knowledge of many topics and above all, humility, drew me in. He has the ability to relate with a large number of people and make them feel like they have value. Rare indeed.

Chris found me through our mutual friend Jon Swanson. I was blogging about the quirkiness of life in the frenzied city of Nairobi. Chris enjoyed my perspectives and appreciated some of the work we went there to accomplish.

How did Chris change my life? He introduced me to the world of social media. I realized that I enjoyed that world! Management was not my cup of tea – at least when it involved directly managing 15 people, none of whom were Americans. (Cultural gaps were magnified in ways that I never expected.) So when our tour of duty was up, we returned home to Colorado – and social media became part of my job mix. Thank you Chris!

Disclosure: a small part of why I wrote this post is that I’m entering this post to try to win a free trip to #SOBCon2010 (the Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference in Chicago). I met Chris and Jon face-to-face at SOBCon 2009. I must say that more people than Chris changed my life as a result of the 2009 conference.


A great Christmas present for the business person in your life

tacoversmallTrust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith.

This is without a doubt the best business book that came out in 2009. It’s readable, interesting and filled with great illustrations. It is laced with application sections, so you can grab things to use in your business or organization.

Chris brings something new to the field of business communications – humility. He proves that you do not require a big ego to get the job done well. He cites many stories about how the best way to further your goals is to help someone else. What a refreshing voice!

Julien adds a lot of stimulating insights to the mix. However, since I don’t know him like I know Chris, it’s harder for me to really sift out exactly the part he had in the book’s creation.

Most books in the business category I read or skim and then sell on Amazon. This one? It stays on my shelf.

What’s the best book you added to your keeper shelf this year?


Of pens, pencils and social media


I’ve always loved pens.

I just met Phil. He gave me a pen. (How cool is that?) He told me about the Levenger Store at Macy’s – a few blocks from the conference I attended over the weekend. Normally Levenger will assemble a small notebook for you to try out their pens on. Sadly, they were out of the paper, so I couldn’t get one. I did test drive a few of their pens. Nice. My budget wouldn’t quite stretch for the one I liked, but I did buy some pencils! My buddy Jon is analogue enough that he likes pencils, so I shared my pack with him.

One of the reasons I enjoy the social media community is that they’re very open-handed and friendly, as evidenced by Phil and Jon. Even though Chris has more than 66,000 followers on Twitter, he greeted me like a long-lost friend. (That was our first time to meet in person, though we have known each other through blogging for almost four years.) Jon, Becky, Sheila, NEENZ and I were good buddies by the end of the conference.

The social media community is a huge contrast to the graphic design community. When I finished college, I started work in Dallas. I went to several professional designers’ meetings. They seemed to be centered around achievement and ego. I never fit in. But the social media community celebrates those with disabilities that some may look down on. How refreshing!

And the pencils and pen are nice.

Takeaway: what are some ways you can be open-handed today?