Whatever happened to prunes?

dried-plumsAh, marketers, you gotta love em.

I got a good laugh when I saw this ad. When I was a kid, these things were called “prunes”. Now they are “dried plums”. Same thing – but “prunes” has too many negative connotations.

Love it!

What product or thing would you rename? (And please, no one say “iPad”.)


4 Replies to “Whatever happened to prunes?”

  1. Sometimes my readers comment by email. And to respect the privacy of one of those kind readers, I will not mention their name. But this was too good to not share with you…

    1. Not necessarily an advertised “product,” but I would certainly rename the women’s clothing store currently known as “Dress Barn.” I don’t care who you are or how great a sale they’re having–there’s absolutely NO REASON TO GO IN THERE.

    2. Plus, I hate the idea of eating “pigs in a blanket.” I mean, gross.

    3. Finally–Cheese Whiz. Who was the lame’o that decided–FIRST OF ALL–to market “spray cheese out of an aerosal can” and SECOND OF ALL to make “Whiz” the last name for this particular version of processed cheese food? Not smart guys, not smart.

  2. Remember back in the 70s there was a weight-loss “candy” that was called AIDS? It seems to have disappeared sometime around the early 80s. I don’t know if it came back with some other name or never came back.

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