Netflix Changes

Netflix is killing off cable and satellite TV, almost single-handed. It’s cheaper. There are more options on what to watch. You don’t have to watch ads.

And now you can stream movies and TV shows to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. (The streaming to your computer option has been able for a while.) So they released a plan that is solely streaming with no DVDs by mail – for a mere $8 a month. Eventually, if Hollywood loosens its grip a little, I’m guessing all movies and TV shows will be streaming. Currently only about 10-20% of Netflix’s library can be streamed.

So of course they’d up their prices. The $17 plan is now $20. Other plans went up too. If you have a monopoly, why not raise your prices? (Yes, technically, there are other competitors, but Netflix is the 1,000 pound gorilla in that marketplace.)

Note for my overseas readers: Netflix is not yet available in other countries except Canada, but I think it’s a matter of time, if the country’s infrastructure can support it. I’m not expecting it in Afghanistan anytime soon.


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  1. Hi Paul, I just encountered Netflix yesterday, as I was looking for the episodes of wifeswap that my former employers in NY state starred in… eventually I found them through facebook on youtube.

    just came in from chopping firewood. the oak logs are +/- 70cm 30-isch inces in diameter, so I can really let all possible frustration out on them.
    I am at the same time trying to be very aware of my back. I’ve been going to a Physical therapist who is specialized in lower back issues… he is absolutely freat… he only gives me strength and posture change excercises.

    we are having a cold week…. first snow and first frost, even during the day today -5°C.

    lots of love to everyone.

  2. Netflix Kenya — I think that would be an oxymoron! It would take a week to watch a 2-hour movie. I suspect we’ll have the brick-and-mortar DVD rental stores for several years to come!

  3. I’ve been thinking of downgrading my netflix plan or doing away with it; I don’t watch much TV since I got internet. I might go to the one-disc-a-week plan so I can watch newer movies with the kids. I don’t mind them doing in Blockbuster because BB overcharged, but I don’t like it that NF is raising their rates now just because they can. I may drop them entirely or just go to streaming. Redbox is a convenient option but with very limited selection.

  4. Sven: Hello! We’ll talk via email or Skype.

    Bob: You remind me to be thankful that I’m in Broadband-Land now.

    Tim: Yes, the rate hike was & is frustrating.

  5. We downgraded to the 9.99/mo a while ago… and you can stream netflix to your TV via the Wii. What a deal.

  6. Did you hear today that Comcast is trying to charge Level 3 to carry their content? Level 3 is the backbone for NetFlix. Comcast is threatning to filter Level 3 content if they don’t pay.

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