Franck Muller makes watches. Or the company named after him does. They are based in Geneva, Switzerland but have a dedicated store in Aspen, Colorado.

Mr. Muller was known as the “Master of Complications” – because his creations were very complicated – many have several dials and mechanisms to tell more than just time. They are works of art, if you like that style. I looked at the tag hanging on one in the window – $21,000. That is a complicated thing to grasp.

Yes, Aspen attracts people who can afford more than one of those timepieces. Maybe one for each day of the week.

I prefer the simple. (When I’d have to take out a 30-year loan just for a watch, something would be very wrong in my little world.)


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  1. Wow, I think I could do quite a bit with that phrase “master of complications.” Thanks for adding it to my collection. By the way, perhaps the funniest thing about this post is your category: conspicuous consumption. Would love to see more posts for this category.

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