Graffiti is universal

I love graffiti.

The spontaneity and daring that goes into this artform always fascinates me. I found this mural on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The artist even has his own website. And the video is worth checking out. Apparently he has traveled all over the world doing his art.

It’s interesting to me that the basic style of graffiti is quite similar all over the world.


5 Replies to “Graffiti is universal”

  1. When I was a kid in Colombia, most graffiti was Marxist in nature, often things like “¡Yanqui go home!” They still have that kind of thing at the university where Dad taught, but there’s also gang tags in a lot of neighborhoods. Back in the 80s in the downtown areas, they had schoolkids paint big murals on walls because that was less likely to get written on.

    1. Tim, the “positive graffiti” reminds me of a class I took at MIT one time (long story) on architecture – and the prof said that good architecture prevented graffiti; people are only prone to put graffiti on blank boring walls, etc.

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