Graffiti is universal

I love graffiti.

The spontaneity and daring that goes into this artform always fascinates me. I found this mural on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The artist even has his own website. And the video is worth checking out. Apparently he has traveled all over the world doing his art.

It’s interesting to me that the basic style of graffiti is quite similar all over the world.


It may last

wood graffiti

Think before you do it.

I passed by this graffiti on a fence. The artist hadn’t thought that his work would last longer than the paint – you see, the sun and rain affected the wood differently where paint was, compared to where the wood was bare.

Takeaway: how will your actions last beyond what you are thinking now? Maybe stop to think how that action may last longer than what you originally thought.