What makes a king?

It was the King’s birthday – the last morning we were in Malaysia. More than half the ads in the newspaper were honoring his rule and the occasion.

Why is it that in the “west” we don’t honor our head leader like that? In the USA, I can hear shouts back about how he didn’t deliver what we asked. Or how he may not represent what some believe.

I lived in England for three years. They have a queen. The real head of the country is the Prime Minister. He gets scathing reviews in newspapers. The figurehead Queen? Not a bad word is heard (in comparison, anyhow.)

African countries? Sometimes a really terrible person can be the president, but somehow the people let him remain in power. Why?

I don’t really know the answers to these questions. I just thought it was interesting how different parts of the world treat their leaders. If you have any ideas on why these things happen, I’d love to hear your comments.