New tricks


I monitor a MySpace account as part of my job. (And I think some of you may have read about how I am not fond of MySpace.)

So an email like this came in this morning. I had never seen upside-down type in a subject line that before! And the funny thing is that the sender did not look like someone who would know their way around coding.


Myspace = bad


What is an invalid verb?!

(No reply from the techie perspective needed.)

My point is this – Myspace takes so long to load most of its pages that I always choose another option if I’m looking for info on a band. The automatic music player? I may not want to hear any music at that point of my day, thank you.

The June 15th edition of Time magazine reported that Facebook went from 22.5 million to 72.3 million visitors from April 2008 to April 2009. During the same period, Myspace went from 58.8 million down to 54.6 million.

Wake up, Myspace.