Lighten your load, part 2

too-many-carsA retired couple in my neighborhood have five vehicles in their driveway. Two drivers. (And there may even be another one or two tucked away in their garage.) Admittedly, the RV is a great addition to their choices of fun ways to spend a summer. But some of the other vehicles overlap in function.

I realize that the initial cash value freed up by selling two might not be much. But the insurance, tax and maintenance costs for keeping that many vehicles going is significant (in my book).

Having fewer vehicles in the stable to keep track of would give an increased sense of freedom, I’d almost promise. And they would never have to move one vehicle to get to the other.


Lighten your load, part 1

avanti-bThe Studebaker Avanti was a revolutionary design. It was produced in 1962 – way ahead of its time. Raymond Loewy, the designer, was one of the celebrated industrial designers of the 1950s and 1960s. It is truly a beautiful car, in many ways.

One lives in our neighborhood. And its more broken down twin lives in an adjacent garage. (Pictured is my neighborhood Avanti’s sad eye looking downward.)

I quietly wonder if its owner will do the restoration. Please understand that I am not faulting him (or her) for delaying – I would not be courageous to attempt such a major project.

I would suggest a path to freedom and perhaps a few additional dollars would be for them to sell the car. And its twin. Guilt over unfinished project? Gone.