Love or hate

slightly imperfect stickerSome things people do drive us crazy. We have a choice on how to handle those things. We can allow them to make us hate the person, or we can let them be quirky little traits that cause that person to more loveable.

My wife and kids love me, in spite of how some things I do drive them crazy. And I love them, in spite of how some things they do drive me crazy. We’re not perfect, and we have a long way to go. And a few years ago, some of those things caused some rifts that had to be slowly and carefully repaired.

Of course some character traits push us too far and can be deal breakers. When the offending trait verges into the mental illness arena, sometimes it’s healthy to maintain a distance.

Today, I challenge you to turn around your thinking about that person’s character trait that drives you crazy. What have you got to lose?


I love Japan


I’ve written about Japan before. I’ve never been there but always wanted to go. (James Taylor sang that about Mexico once.)

Anyhow, the thing that fascinates me about Japan is how they think so differently than Americans. I mean, you would never see a Hello Kitty popcorn machine in the USA!

(I stole the pic from Tokyobling’s Blog. The author is an expat living there and often has some fascinating stuff to show us all.)

Maybe someday I’ll get to go! Until then, I’ll visit Japan via Tokyobling and Shift Magazine. Shift was what got me started into the Japan thing – though I haven’t cruised their site much in the last few years.