Retro trend

Some occasional late nights find me surfing a few style sites that feature images like I’ve shown here. Every one of the images shows something that originated before 1975. Some may be updated (as in the watch bands), but their roots go way back.

So what’s old is cool again.

This can be a good thing. Some designs are worthy of repeating. (Some are not.) Some old designs function well and others do not…

  • The motorcycle looks very cool but is quite loud – and would be very uncomfortable after only a short trip.
  • The watches are all analog. People have thankfully discovered that analog dials are easier to read at a glance than a digital display.
  • Film cameras? Let’s just say I’m never going back to that. However, I won’t sell my old Canon on eBay. (What I could sell it for would not be worth the coolness value of the object. But where is it? In a closet. I can’t really justify keeping it.)

(Tomorrow – back to the regularly scheduled programming – more observations from my Asia trip.)