ForsythiaNairobi, Kenya, is not far from the equator. We lived there for five years. Since the elevation is close to a mile high, the climate is ideal – about 70 degrees (21c) year-around. But since the climate allows for many people to live in very easily-built and relatively inexpensive homes (mud walls and a tin roof), lots of people live there. Too many, in my humble opinion. The city’s infrastructure was built for about 300,000 – and roughly 4 million live there now.

Living further north or south necessitates having solid insulated homes.

Back to seasons – I love four seasons. Spring is now fully here. The warm weather is such a relief after a long cold winter.

Change is a good thing.



leaves-autumn-fallI always found it interesting that in England, there is no fall. It’s just “autumn”.

So a couple of weeks ago, I could not resist taking a picture of this amazing contrast. The morning light was just perfect.

Colorado does not have as many red leaves in the autumn/fall as Maryland and Massachusetts (where I grew up). We specialize in yellows and golds here. So this was special.