Cool baby shoes

I saw these and had to take a photo to share with you.

I love them. Almost makes me wanna have a baby again just so he or she could have a pair. (Don’t worry – that’s not gonna happen.)


The Jesus sandals

When I was a kid, I saw a lot of Sunday school materials that had illustrations with Jesus wearing sandals like these. As the summer that’s just ending was starting, I decided to get a pair of summer cool footwear that was more comfortable than these sandals. (I had worn these for maybe five or six years.) You see, they never fit me very well – I have very skinny feet, and few shoes adequately fit.

I kept the sandals until a few days ago. I decided that since I hadn’t worn them all summer, they must be off to the Goodwill. (In UK English, that’s “charity shop”.)

So my feet are a little less like Jesus.