Small towns can be beautiful too


My friend Becky is a (if not the) champion of small towns. You need to visit her site.

We drive from Denver to Dallas (via Amarillo) at least once a year. I have always zoomed through Memphis* and thought I should stop and explore a little. Finally, this time I could… I was driving solo, and the kids would not complain!

* Yes, there is a Memphis in Texas. But then, Texas is big enough that every town name is represented there.

The business in this photo is why I wanted to visit. Unfortunately it was closed when I stopped, due to our national independence holiday. I had seen “Faux Pants” from the highway and thought someone must take pride in this town. They do. Memphis is a sleepy little town. All I did was take a few photos. But you can see that at one time, it was a thriving community. They even cared enough that the alleys were paved with bricks!

The one mistake I made that Becky would have advised against is that I didn’t take time to meet anyone. People are what make small towns special.