My problems in worship


This is for those of you who go to Christian churches. (Everyone else, you can check out now.)

Problem: repetition of choruses.

Two times is enough. As soon as the third time starts, my brain is gone. I’m off somewhere else. Maybe trying to roam the wheat fields of Kansas. My problem is that I have a brain. It’s not the finest brain around, but it does work, most of the time. And singing the same thing over and over is not only boring to me – the tedium can be painful.

For what it’s worth – those of you who make choices in these things, give us a little more variety. Twice as many songs in the same amount of time isn’t a bad thing.

Problem two: I also have a problem with the same songs being repeated each week. I get tired of that kind of repetition too! I’m just broken. (This goes back to high school. I discovered that I didn’t like popular radio because the same songs were played over and over. I got quickly bored – again, to the point of tedium.)