Target = good


One day last week Heather got the local newspaper for free, so we enjoyed cruising through that view of life in Denver and beyond.

The thing that caught my interest was the Target sale flyer. It featured nothing more than $80! There were no big flat screen TVs, no fancy digital cameras and no lawnmowers for the coming spring. Most items were about $20 or less. I mean, look at the cover – one item for $2 and one item for $5! Finally, each spread featured one healthy sort of theme – like family game night.

Target gets my vote.


3 Replies to “Target = good”

  1. i’ve always loved target. it makes me so happy, like sharpies 🙂 too bad we don’t have it here.

  2. So far, Target has done a good job at re-balancing their brand equity. They’re still fashionable/trendy/design-loving but they’ve done a pretty drastic retreat down the Wal-mart road.

    It’s interesting how a lot of the recent re-branding has been about losing ALL the frills…Tropicana, Kraft, Best Buy, etc. Generic is “in”. We’ll see how far Target can go and still be cheap-chic. I’m not sure I’m buying it…gimme the Goodwill/Savers anyday!

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