I love Honda


Our Honda minivan is about six years old. We are embarrassed at all the “suburbia” connotations that go with owning a minivan. But it is incredibly convenient. Our 1993 small 2-seater coupe gets about 10 miles better per gallon. (We actually travel as a family very often in it to enjoy the savings – but we dislike almost everything else about the coupe, in comparison.)

Anyhow, I was noticing that the seatbelts were awfully slow to retract. I asked our independent mechanic how much it would cost to replace them. He informed me that Honda has a lifetime warranty on seatbelts. That is how much they care for your safety!

So the local dealership replaced three and fixed one. The new belts work so much nicer. The dealership even gave me a ride to and from their shop! No charge at all.


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  1. That is GREAT service. We have a minivan (Dodge Caravan) and don’t even have kids at home — my company provides it and gave us a choice of a sedan or minivan. We jumped on the minivan. I’m not the least bit embarrassed by it — it’s taller so I get a better view of the road ahead; the seats fold into the floor so I have tons of cargo space when needed; with the seats up I can haul 6 people besides myself and that works great for the work I’m doing; it’s comfortable for long distances; mileage isn’t bad — 20+ mpg around Richmond and 25-27 mpg for interstate trips.

  2. You are right, Bob, they are very practical!

    If someone bought our vehicle for us, I’d go with a Mazda 5 – it holds 6 people & is sort of a mini- minivan. (It is cool-looking!) But we’d miss the larger interior volume that our Honda has.

  3. We have a Honda Fit, which I think you love.. Check out my blog post on it. In fact I need to revisit it and give an anniversary update. It is the peppiest little car and MAN can you put a lot of stuff in it. It isn’t exactly built like a Volvo, but it doesn’t cost like one either. And back when gas was $4 a gallon, I was LAUGHING! For a compact it as tons of legroom. Even my tall husband has no problem with leg comfort with the seat in front of him all the way back. Can’t say the say with our longer MAzda 3.

  4. You are totally right, Elizabeth – I love the Fit!!

    When I grow up, maybe I’ll get one (or when we are empty-nesters).

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