I hate labels


Ah yes, you are thinking that this is a proverb about how I hate it when people get labeled.


Simply put, I hate labels on clothes, towels and washcloths. So I cut them off, sometimes. Why? They are scratchy against my neck. They stick out. The tell me how to wash it, which I already know. And once I figure out that it’s 100% cotton, I no longer need to know that. Finally, I don’t care what the brand is, as long as the quality is decent.

That last statement is not entirely true. Those of you faithful readers know that I do care about what brand my computer is.

And I do celebrate the move by many clothing companies to print their info on the garment, rather than having a separate sewed-on label.


5 Replies to “I hate labels”

  1. When our son was a little tyke, he complained about shirt labels. I thought he was just being a grumpy little kid. Now, though, I have some shirts with labels that are scratchy and they drive me bonkers. Printed labels are definitely the way to go.

    BTW, your statement about not caring about the brand and your statement about the brand of your computer are not mutually exclusive. You really don’t care about the brand of your computer — it’s just that there is only one brand that has decent quality! LOL!!

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