Of Simple Shoes, part 2


Simple shoes are great.

I’m on about year 14 for one pair… it just keeps going on and on. I continue to get the heels replaced, but the most recent time (a few weeks ago) was the last. Next time, it will just be more cost‐effective to bite the bullet and get a new pair.

Since my Simple shoe love goes on, I went to their site recently and saw the detail above. What a wash of memories it brought back! Keds must have originated the end‐of‐shoe branding. But Red Ball Jets were the coolest thing when I was a kid. The pair I wanted were jet black. The heel had a tiny red ball where Keds puts the blue rectangle. Sadly, I could not get a pair, because they had none that fit my skinny feet. I actually cried at the store!

Simple shoes are the next best thing to Red Ball Jets.

I’ve written about Simple shoes before here. And this lady has a blog based around her love for the shoe.


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  1. This was great. I made a list of blogging subjects this weekend, and a pair of a boots and a pair of shoes both made the list. So watch Blip of Cheer for them. One is real green, lasting 20‐plus years.

    So sad there’s not a picture for Red Ball Jets.

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