Some things should not be combined

iJukeboxWhile visiting Target recently, I spied this lovely entertainment device. Crosley would like you to combine your iPod with a jukebox.

I put forth the idea that some things should not be combined. I daresay the sound quality is not quite what you might find for a different expenditure of $99 plus tax.

What things have you encountered recently that should not have been combined?


Avatar review

avatarAvatar was indeed a 5-star movie. It had a romance, a plot, incredible special effects — and believability, in a science-fiction sort of way.

I thought it is worth seeing now, as opposed to later via a DVD. The scope of the scenery and the 3D effects were worth the extra expense and hassle of seeing it in a theater.

My favorite part was the texture — rich and deep. James Cameron and his crew lavished massive amounts of attention to detail.

The downside? The battle scenes were too long for my taste. Two hours and 42 minutes cut down to just two hours would have made the movie that much better.

The verdict? Get thee to a theater.

I borrowed the picture came from the film’s website.