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avatarAvatar was indeed a 5-star movie. It had a romance, a plot, incredible special effects – and believability, in a science-fiction sort of way.

I thought it is worth seeing now, as opposed to later via a DVD. The scope of the scenery and the 3D effects were worth the extra expense and hassle of seeing it in a theater.

My favorite part was the texture – rich and deep. James Cameron and his crew lavished massive amounts of attention to detail.

The downside? The battle scenes were too long for my taste. Two hours and 42 minutes cut down to just two hours would have made the movie that much better.

The verdict? Get thee to a theater.

I borrowed the picture came from the film’s website.


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    1. It’s worth seeing.

      Yes, the message wasn’t that great. And the kill-kill-kill that was part of so much of the last third of the film was not fun for me. But I tried to ignore the bad stuff & enjoy the good.

      That’s like so much of life on this fallen planet – if you are expecting perfection, you gotta look elsewhere.

      I’m glad Ted was willing to give a negative review. We need some balance.

    2. I saw it last night and thought it was great from a philosophical point of view. Yes there were aspects of paganism in the minority culture that weren’t realistic, but it’s fiction – there were also aspects of the “science” of the avatars that probably don’t stand up to scrutiny!

      If we reject the movie on the basis that it promotes a pagan culture, shouldn’t we also reject all movies that promote a consumer culture?

      I thought the overall message was a good critique of what can happen when two very different cultures mix, particularly when one of them is very dominant and driven by consumerism.

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