What I learned from children

r-floof-09The biggest thing I learned from my own children is how selfish I am. This is a lesson I continue to learn in new and different ways with each passing year.

Children (particularly the younger variety) don’t ask for their parents’ time – they demand it. Every time their request is made, I have a choice – my fulfillment or theirs?

I feel like I have failed this test many many times. (“Dad, your computer is more important than I am!”) But the few times I have passed the test by making the right choice, I never regret it. I’d urge you to do the same.

A second thing I learned is that having children has expanded my capacity to love. I was single until I was 29. Getting married expanded that love capacity. Having children expanded it further.

Special thanks to Robert Hruzek for suggesting this post.


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  1. Cats, of course, can be more demanding than children, as your picture suggests. But I don’t think they grow our souls in the same way!

  2. I think children are remarkably clear mirrors into our own souls, Paul. What we are inside tends to be the same thing that comes out in them!

    I got married at 29, too, and I completely agree with your statement about how marriage expanded your capacity to love. It’s a beautiful statement your children will eventually reflect, too.

    Hey, a tip o’ the hat for the WILF entry!

  3. There is no doubt that having children is the catalyst to looking beyond ourselves. And even looking at ourselves with a whole new perspective, hopefully causing us to want to be better, to love deeper and have a desire for our children to have more of the Truth, so they have a chance to exceed our expectations (even their own)!!

  4. Great post! Small typo?? You write: “I have a choice – my fulfillment or theirs?” but obviously from the context you meant “my fulfillment or both of ours.” 🙂

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