Only in America

stupid-productsI had to share these two products from the Sunday newspaper’s coupons section…

1. New York brand Texas Toast?

2. Butt Paste?


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  1. Hey, Paul, I found something else laughable in the Sunday paper and wanted to share it with you. Do you still have the “Parade” magazine? Flip through it and find the ad that says something like “Save your summer” and has a confident, beautiful woman lounging on what looks like a lily pad. Then tell me what you think of the product idea. I also of course liked the story about the Californian who is quoted as saying his 500-foot apt. had “way more space than he needed” and built himself an alternative…

    1. Marti, I’ll have to dig around in our recycle bin to see if we still have it.

      Thanks for the tip!

  2. Supposedly, that Boudreaux product is just about the best stuff around…for diaper rash. But, as one who’s drastically turned off by the titles of things, I like to think that even if I did have kids and the need to purchase such a product, well, I just wouldn’t.

    Sometimes, it’s a matter of principle.

  3. Butt paste IS the best for diaper rash…although expensive. And for me… the name is one I won’t ever forget.. therefore a good marketing choice.

  4. Well, actually have a patient in the hospital right now that we are using ol’ Boudreaux for. Good stuff – though really just zinc oxide – AKA Desitin and Nose Kote like the lifeguards used to use at the pool – though that may be TMI.

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